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May 9, 2012
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June 15, 2012

Wrap Your Brain Around This One

You’re thirsty, you decide to head to the vending machine and grab an ice cold soda. As you guzzle down that fizzy goodness you are probably not thinking about the after effects when you toss the empty bottle into the nearest trash can. Less than 10% of plastic bottles in the United States are actually recycled and only 7% of all plastic generated in 2009 was recovered for recycling. How sad that we live in a world filled with recycling bins, eco-friendly cars, stone paper, things made of bamboo, and yet something so simple, like the act of recycling can really make a difference. It will take 700 years before plastic bottles in landfills start to finally decompose.

Luckily, some geniuses thought of a solution to put good use to plastic bottles and thus RPET was born. RPET stands for Recycled Poly Ethylene Terephalate aka Recycled Polyester. They take plastic bottles and then clean, smash, melt, and polymerize them until it is finally spun into yarn and ultimately into sustainable products. This method reduces energy use and has a lower carbon footprint than polyester or organic cotton by over 50%.

The # of bottles it would take to make the following products:
Beanie = 4 bottles
Cap = 6 Bottles
Bag = 17 Bottles
Apron = 25 Bottles
Polo Shirt = 40 Bottles
Jacket = 65 Bottles

Fun Fact: Plastic Bottles in the United States landfills could wrap around the earth 5 times and  51 billion plastic bottles go to the landfills annually.

Moral of the Story: Do your part to recycle and use eco-friendly products such as reusable tote bags and water bottles. The world is what we make of it, a trash-filled dump or an eco-friendly place for our future generations.

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