Flying (Kites!) High With United Airlines
May 21, 2014
But First, Let me Take a Selfie
May 27, 2014

dog and cat snuggle

Don’t these animals just melt your heart?  It seems that most Americans adore their pets and strive to take excellent care of their four legged friends.  Latest reports show that Americans are now spending close to $60 billion annually on their pets. Even at the peak of the recent U.S. financial crisis, spending on pets held steady.

Have you given thought to pet branded merchandise?  If not, perhaps it’s time!  Our beloved furry family members have created their own marketing niche and now there’s even pet specific branded product manufacturers within the advertising specialty industry. This is no longer just a feeding bowl and I.D. tags proposition as the market is bursting with luxury items like monogrammed beds and blankets, canine clothing for every occasion, car seats and lighted leashes.

Pet Products Bag  Cat litter scoop dog clothes flashing dog leash

A unique and creative way to market any business or venue is to recognize the importance of a pet in the lives of their customers or employees.

What is your favorite pet product featured here?

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