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August 19, 2016
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September 2, 2016

Timing has never been my strong suit but I’ve accepted that and try to continue on anyway! Once again I have succumbed to the perils of imperfect timing but then, I guess it depends on how you look at the situation too.

After being on blood pressure meds for 30 years and recently being told I was diabetic and needed to be on oral medication, I decided that perhaps I should make a few changes in my life (like diet and maybe even consider exercising like going for a walk).  Yes, I spoke the two most distasteful 4-letter words in my vocabulary – Diet and Walk – and all in the same sentence!

In Georgia, the summer heat and humidity is sometimes unbearable and though I knew I could easily entertain some dietary changes without breaking into a sweat, I wasn’t quite certain how I would walk in the Georgia summer.  Living in Georgia gives new meaning to the old saying “Horses sweat, Men perspire and women glow.”  Wrong!   In Georgia, men and women alike sweat just like big ol’ horses do!

I realized that I had a golden opportunity to walk in the air conditioned space of our large, very spacious, open, new offices.  So my new exercise routine was born!  I would arrive at work very early, walk the interior office space before it was occupied by Casual woman walking - isolated over a white backgroundSummiteers and be at my desk and ready to work by my appointed start time of 8:30am each day.  I’ve been walking and eating healthier now for approximately 6 months and have lost 35 lbs. in the process.  And most of the 35 lbs. surely was lost before 8:30am each weekday!

Now here’s where the unfortunate timing comes in.  Summit Group is terrific about motivating the employees (ie. Summit family) with gifts, challenges and so forth.  Well, wouldn’t you know, just as

I was reaching my goal of 35 lbs. lost, a new Summit Challenge was introduced…The
13694692_642631239239734_2073780205_n(1)Fitbit Health Trails Challenge.
  I love the new FitBit that was given to those who entered the challenge (including me!) as it tells me so much more about my new lifestyle and menu choices.  Plus, it documents my sleep pattern and how well I have slept, how many calories I have consumed and then burned, how many steps I take each day, plus a multitude of other related facts that I find interesting and motivational.  The problem comes in when I think about working this challenge and winning!  I see no way on earth that I’ll be able to drop any more weight so that is out of my hands but I can certainly accept the challenge to continue to be healthy, active and proud of who I have become.

This virtual trail I’m following won’t stop on Sunday, October 9th (the end day for the 6-
week challenge).  I plan to continue on this trail and see where it leads me and though my timing was a bit off for any winning accolades, I already feel like a winner and my FitBit is my constant reminder.   Go Summiteers – and I’ll see you on the trail!

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