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June 13, 2013
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June 19, 2013

Associate Highlight: Meet Ben Gutierrez…

Ben Gutierrez is a summer intern at our Atlanta office working alongside the Account Management team for one of our Health and Wellness clients.

Ben has a number of aliases. He will respond to Benny, Benny Boy, Benhameen, Ben-jammin’, Gutes, Guti, Gucci, and Gucci Mane. Just to name a few. 

When not struggling with an identity crisis due to a plethora of nicknames, Ben enjoys singing just for fun.  At Vanderbilt he is a Tenor 2 in an a capella group.  

A native of Metairie, LA, Ben’s favorite food is seafood gumbo from a hole in the wall joint called Harbor’s. That, paired with half of a fried shrimp po-boy, is the reason why he is a frequent visitor when he is back home. Are you as hungry as I am now after reading that?

Help us welcome Ben to Summit Group!

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