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March 7, 2014
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Collaboration: No longer just a super cool buzzword

One of the Summit principles is Collaboration. By definition, collaboration means “to work with another or others on a joint program or project.” In real-life, collaboration means so much more in the workplace. Employees, or departments, must collaborate in today’s fast-paced business world in order to stay in the game, retain employees and turn a profit (no matter how small). Collaboration is no longer optional but is a mandatory choice on the Profit Menu.

Collaboration promotes teamwork (even with those who work remotely).  Because it allows a team to work closely, the possibility of increased sales through streamlined processing and better customer service is nurtured.  When you collaborate, expect awesome things to happen!  I-D-E-A-S keep getting bigger and better through collaboration.

  • IIdeas and suggestions are usually shared with a high level of expression through speaking to and within a group setting.
  • D– Collaboration sets the stage for demonstrating the ability to work together and be effective with diverse groups and individuals.
  • EExercising flexibility and willingness to make compromises in reaching common goals.
  • A Assuming the shared responsibility of the team for any and all collaborative work.
  • S –  Collaboration is an important leadership skill as it allows (or forces) the letting go of control and fosters the positive climate of working together.

In the world of business, ideas are what keeps the bottom line met, and the business growing. Collaboration is the fertilizer of business ideas. So go ahead…..collaborate, and harvest the benefits.

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